Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Past and The Present

Please respond to the follwoing questions-make sure to give a thorough response and respond to at least one other person's comment.
Idealism has always been a way for people to escape reality. If you are a dreamer, do you have to be more careful? Nick says to Gatsby, "You can't repeat the past." What do you think? Are there repercussions?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Please react to the following questions in a fluent, concise, and thought-provoking response. More than anything, I want these to be honest and from the heart. Think about it and let it come out. Make sure you write with solid conventions and answer each question: A few summers ago, I was at the Crytal Cathedral in Anaheim, California. A quote that always resonates in my head, hung on a giant cement wall asking, "What dreams would you dream if you knew you could not fail?" Now, realizing that life is a lesson in failures and mistakes and they teach us about adversity, perseverance, growth, what have you-imagine, that the sky is the limit! The fact is we NEED to dream, for today tomorrow and everything in between. What would you achieve if you knew you could not fail? What are your dreams, hopes, aspirations for life? What do you long for? How can those dreams be attained? What do you REALLY want that money can't buy? What happens if you don't achieve them?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happiness And All That Comes With It

Please respond to the following prompt: I expect you to to ask an open-ended critical level question at the end of your response that may prompt someone else. I also expect you to react to one other's comment within your own reflection. Make sure you are being thoughtful and discerning. What is true happiness? What do you need to be happy? What should drive and push us?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Money, Money, Money

Please answer the follwing prompts in a detailed, fluent response. Make sure to comment on other people's views within your own response. Take your level of thinking higher. Make sure you are being thorough and honest. What are your perceptions of material wealth/money? What is "wealth"? Do we see too much excess today? If your financial status a reflection of how successful you are? What is success to you? Are we always wanting more? Do we "want" too much? Is being content or fulfilled enough? When is enough, enough? (Do not do this one till Wed. 30th).

The American Dream Ideal

Please respond to the following questions in a thoughtful written response: Explain what the American Dream means to you. (What does it represent? What ideals are prevalent? Think about images you have seen, what your past learning experiences have taught you and what you perceptions show you today) How might the American Dream be different in earlier generations? Has the ideal of the American Dream changed (with regard to time, place, or generations)?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Virtue of Virtues

Everyone must answer ALL the following questions: When you are done, I expect one critical level question that propels the discussion forward--remember, this is a live blog Socratic. I want you to be discerning and thoughtful in your responses.

What is your favorite Franklin quotation from his "Autobiography"? (Please cite the quotation in the text and comment on it).
Since Franklin was trying to achieve an ethical, disciplined life, what today constitutes living morally or "right"?
Which virtue on Franklin's list do you think is most important? Why?
Which virtue do you think we need more of? Explain
What virtues does one need to be successful? Happy?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fear and Fervor

After reading excerpts from Jonathan Edwards', Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" there are a few items I would like you to reflect upon.

Make sure you treat this like a discussion, not just an individual response. I want you reacting to other people's ideas as well. Answer the following:

1. What images and figures of speech do you find most powerful and persuasive in Edwards' sermon? Why are they powerful (thus, what do they help to emphasize?)

2. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that, "Fear is an instructor of great sagacity and the herald of all revolutions." Is fear a powerful motivator for human behavior? Please list some examples to back up your opinion.