Monday, August 16, 2010


After watching our inspirational video, Inspired Bikes, please answer the following: (Make sure you are being true to your response-
1. What lessons can we take away that involve struggle, potential, expectations, work ethic etc.? (Hence, what do these videos have to teach us regarding these issues?)
2. How might these ideals apply to your future or present day life?
3. What are you passionate about REALLY?


  1. 1. We can learn that nothing but ourselves stops us. No group, friend, no one can stop us. We are in charge of our lives.
    2. These ideals apply to all aspects of our life. It shows us we need to work hard to reep the greatest benfits.
    3.math, hiking, long distince running, BSA

  2. 1.) We can take away the idea that you don't know your actual limits until you test them. The biker may not have been sure if he could ride his bike along the top of the fence, but he tried anyway, testing his limits. He fell a couple times, but that's when perseverance comes through. All in all, with a combination of perseverance and the bravery to attempt that which you don't know you can achieve, you can do great things.
    2.) These ideals can be applied in almost everything we do, from working hard in school to forming strong relationships. These ideals are key components to success.
    3.) Music. There are a variety of other things I love, but my true passion is music. It's something I will most certainly end up dedicating my life to. Music has its way of bringing me happiness, inspiring me, enlightening me, and it helps me deliver my message to other people through a fun and creative way.

  3. 1- I feel that we can learn about endurance and pushing ourselves to the limit. Training to do what you would like to do is all about motivation and working yourself to the fullest.
    2- These ideas apply to most everything I do because I try to do my best no matter what the situation. Working hard applies to school more than anything because most likely if you do well in school, you will go to a good college and succeed in life and your career.
    3- I'm passionate about life, my family and my friends. The people I care about most are the things that matter most to me. I pay most attention to what I like in life because it will get me further.

  4. 1) The video can teach us all that being pushed to the limit will only be helping us in the end. Having there be struggle in life is just a steppoing stone to a better life in the future.
    2) These ideas can be used in every part of life, whether it be from trying hard in school to pushing yourself to achieve a new goal you set for yourself.
    3) I am passionate about my friends and family. I am also passionate about making sure they are all happy and having them know I will always be there for them to talk to. I am also very passionate about riding horses. Its the biggest thing in my life that makes me motivated and happy to be doing it.

  5. 1.) I think that we can take away a lot from this video about inspiration, and hope; about pushing through and making it happen. I think that this was a very unusual thing, and it was awesome that Danny could take a bike and do all of those things using nothing but himself and the bike. We can take away the lesson about struggle that maybe sometimes things won't work out the first time, but if you keep on trying then it will happen for you.

    2.) I think that these ideas apply in a lot of different ways and can really help us through many tough times. For example when someone says they can't do a particular thing; you just look at Danny and see what he does, it almost makes you feel like anything is possible-as cheesy as that sounds- and that everything has the chance of being the best thing that has ever happened to you.

    3.) I am passionate about tons of things, but the most prominent are photography and music. I love photography because it gives anyone with a camera to capture a beautiful rare moment forever. I love music because it is its own world; and things are just the way they are; nothing more nothing less. People in the music business all just LIVE, they have no limits, and they become who they really are, and then in turn show the world,through music. Through beautiful words, rhythms, and notes. I also have a strong passion to become someone, and be free.

  6. 1. Basically, I think the main thing that can be taken away from this video is things are going to seem impossible, but as long as you have a drive and motivation anything you see becomes your playground to do what you do best.
    2. Most everybody in this world has a passion, or something that they want to do, and it doesnt have to be jumping off builidngs or whatever; it can be little things, but as long as you desire it bad enough, than it is within your reach. It's hard for me to say that because I am still so young and have a lot further to go in my life; so basically i just go by what i see in videos like the bike one and know that if I have the same ambition for something that he does, than why cant I be something great?
    3. I am 100% passionate about my music. Anyone who knows me will say that because i am constantly thinking about it and always talking about it. It's something that i can't live without. Days that i don't have my ipod at school, i feel lost, like i dont belong and the my world is just a little bit off center because I dont have it. I play drums, guitar, piano, and i sing because i can't get enough of just one instrument, so i educate myself with all of them so any idea i have or any song that i think sounds fun to play on a particular instrument, I can play it. Music is my life, and I have that same desire inside that pushes me to be better and better everyday, and i know this is what I'm meant to do because I dont care if I am playing in a smoky bar for the rest of my life, or selling out arenas...I just wanna play.

  7. 1.Potential means that something is capable or possible, but it hasn’t yet happened. In the beginning of the video we say the potential of the biker trying to do something that seems impossible. He kept on trying and he succeeded! This teaches me that I can do what ever I want no matter how impossible it seem and its not just me others can do it too. No matter what anyone says we have the potential like the biker to do what ever we desire.

    2.In my present day life I really want to become a surfer and like Mrs. Comp I too want to write a book or many. I can’t surf because well we aren’t exactly close to the ocean unless I want to go to Texas or California. I might not be able to surf but I can write a book and try harder in class to learn about writing. I have the potential and motivation to become a writer and hopefully I will write a whole book. From my sister I get a whole bunch of you can’t become a surfer or do whatever you want and it hurts me so much, but I have friends who tell me I can do anything and that really helps.

    3.Well I think that question two answered what I’m really passionate about. I’m passionate about writing and surfing and living life the way I want it not how anyone else says I should live it.

  8. 1. After watching the inspirational video we can learn so much about life and its hardships. I think the main thing we can take away is that in life, we control our own actions and thoughts. We are ultimately responsible for what we try in life. We have so much potential in life yet, we are the only ones who can stop us. After watching this video, I saw that the biker never quit. He went to all extremes to accomplish what he set out to do. Accomplishing a goal doesn't always meet our expectations of how easy it should be. Life is not easy. However, it wouldn't be life if it was one easy ride. Struggles and challenges are what make us better people.

    2. I personally believe that this idea is something I can use in my daily life. When I wake up in the morning I want to have a purpose for living. I want to be open to facing challenges and use them to help better grow me as a person. There are many things I want to do with my life. Yet, life also has surprises and the earlier you learn to go with it, the sooner you will accept the change and run with it. I don't want to live in fear of my life not going as I think it should go. I can control how I react to things that aren't easy or "part of the plan." Seeing this video and the ideas presented in it, I want to live ready to face any challenge and not give up. Knowing these things will help me immensely for the rest of my life.

    3. I am passionate about so many things in life. I love to sing. There is something about it that makes me feel like there is not a care in the world. I'm also passionate about life in general. I love being with people who make me laugh. Laughing, I believe, is the very best medicine for me. I strive to be happy even when life doesn't provide a "happy" situation for me. I love to write and express what I'm feeling into words. My main passion is really just to be the best person I can be and live each day as if it were my last.

  9. 1. We can take away several lessons about passion, struggle, endurance, and expectations from these videos. Only individuals themselves can determine their own passions and interests through their personal struggles and experiences. Although they might be up against great expectations from their peers, nobody else can tell them what they should be interested in.

    2. These ideas can apply to virtually anything that I do today and in the future. If I am ambitious about something, I will set my mind and accomplish it without anyone telling me otherwise.

    3. I am truly passionate about medicine and the law/government/politics. In my current college search process, I am trying to find something that will incorporate my two interests. I know that there is a way to tie together both areas of passion without having to compromise; I just need to find it!

  10. 1. The lessons we can learn from these things are that no matter how bad things may seem they will always get better but nothing is going to change if we just sit around and hope it will. We have to push ourselves everyday and live with no fear so we have no regrets.

    2. These ideas apply to life because sometimes we need to break out of our shell and just go for it. That is how we are going to get the most out of life. Putting everything we have towards what we are working for and never holding back.

    3. I am passionate about my family, friends and God. Im also EXTREMELY passionate about theatre (especially musical theatre) ballet, piano, and singing. I also have a huge spot in my heart for animals.

  11. 1. I think persevering and hard work lead to something far beyond our expectations. I know, for me, I've recently learned that working hard, even on the days you just feel like you can NOT do it and pushing through make the outcome so much more satisfying in the end.

    2. Well it's my first year doing cross country! So I am definately feeling the need for motivation and working hard. But, also, with my faith and relationships. Whether thats with me just taking the time out of my day to talk or whatever it is. But no matter what, through everything, I try to stick through it because I love them.

    3. I'm passionate about my friends and family. Making them feel loved and like their worth it. I'm also passionate about my faith or relationship with God or what have you. It keeps me going through the day and gives me the confidence to do what I know I can do. I'm passionate about being creative. Showing (and learning) different sides of me and being honest with myself and others through it.

  12. 1. I believe that these videos show that determination, and a lot of hard work can really make your dreams come true. If you find a passion you should work at it as much as you can, rather then let people tell you that it is not important. Find what you are good at, and work to make your self better. I believe we were all given special talents for a reason, and that if we pursue them there is no telling how far we can go.
    2. We can use these ideas in pretty much any area of our lives. Every one goes through hard times and amazing times, in many different ways, be it a death or doing poorly on a paper to finally landing your latest trick to falling yet again. As long as we can push through the times when all we want to do is give up, then we will go far.
    3. I am passionate about my music. After spending 12 years learning the piano, and about 5 years studying voice it's has basically become my life. I love the rush I get when I hear a song that I like, or finally master the music I have been working to prefect for weeks. I can't go a day school day with out my ipod, even if I can only listen to it during passing and lunch, I need my music. I have been a part of 5 choirs, and am now in choralettes, and I will spend a good 2-3 hours playing my piano on a regular basis. I have learned how to play other instruments but piano and singing is really where my passion lies.

  13. 1. We can learn many things through trials and attempting things that take hard work. In the video, the biker took something that seems impossible to many, and made it possible. I am sure he had to work very hard and practice in order to achieve this. This video teaches us to put work into the things in which we are passionate about.
    2. Seeing the inspirational video about the biker, makes me want to put everything into what I am passionate about. Even if I go through trials or hardships along the way, I know it will make me stronger as a person and ultimately shape me.
    3. I am passionate about fashion and photography. I love taking phographs of people and everyday events. And I am also enthralled by the fashion industry. Both things absolutely amaze me. I dream of one day incorporating these passions into a career.

  14. 1. These videos demonstrate the important lesson of possibility. As we watched the man ride his bike, I am sure a majority of us would think he is some kind of super human, and that we could never accomplish something like that. Yet he was once a student too, and he believed that he had no limitations. Did he fall a few times? Yes, but every time he got back up and tried again. He is an average man, just like us. I he can do that, think of what we can do.

    2. As we grow, life will continue to grow more difficult. At some points, it will seem impossible. Yet remember this video. Yes, we will fall. We will get hurt, pushed around and stepped on. What will you do? Lay in the mud, waiting until your life fades away? Or will you find the strength to push yourself up, no matter what the cost, and try again?

    3. My passion is writing. For the last year, I have had an idea for a book, and I have started it. All of the ideas swim around my head, and it sometimes feels as if I have a second life, one that I live in my story. I find incredibly hard to write though, mainly because when I try to write a sentence, a new idea will pop into my head and I'll get lost in it. My hope is to grow in my ability to write and to someday be a published writer.

  15. 1. The biker in the video had to work up to completling a trick. He fell off and even broke his bike before he finally was able to accomplish what he was trying to do.
    2. If we all have the determination that he did then we could do anything that we put our minds to. I tink that we under estimate ourselves and need to take more risk and try new things. Between school and work and sports we need to have a good consitant work ethic everyday to get all those task completed.
    3. Running, music, my friends and family.

  16. 1. Everyday lessons are learned.In this video I think that it was a lesson about how you have to be able to push yourself. No matter how hard something is or how many times you fall down, you have to get back up and try again. Otherwise, you live life with regrets and can't ever be truly happy.
    2. These ideals apply to me greatly because everyday there are obstacles that I have to stumble through. I can't just give up when it gets hard. I have to keep trying because one day I will get it perfectly and I will proud of myself.
    3. I am passionate about playing the violin, swimming and becoming who I am supposed to be.

  17. 1)We can take lots away from struggles, potential, work ethic, because we each possess an amount of each. Everyone has potential to be successful in anything; all you have to do is work hard. We all have our struggles as well; we can learn from these struggles and succeed.

    2)Applying these to life is something I do regularly. I have a very strong work ethic which is key to my success because I have a learning disability. Without my work ethic I would not be where I am today.

    3)I am passionate about landscaping, I love to watch plants grow and plant gardens. My dream would be someday to open my own landscaping business to share my passion with the world.

  18. 1)After watching the inspirational video, Inspired Bikes, I learned many lessons that I can apply to my life. I learned that in order to achieve a goal, one has to persevere and push through the hard times. Without goals, people will always remain the same. They will never better themselves. I always tell myself to never be afraid to dream because dreaming helps us to create and achieve goals.
    2)These ideals can be applied to basketball and my education. There are days where I don't want to go out and practice or I don't want to get up and go to school, but I always tell myself that in the end it will all be worth it. I know I am capable of doing something great, I just have to put in the extra hours and I always have to have my goals in mind. Never take your eye off the prize.
    3)I am truly passionate about my education and basketball. I love the game of basketball. I love testing, training, and bettering myself everytime I step on the court. My goal is to get a scholarship and play in college. Also, I am very passionate about my education. Although I do love basketball, education always comes first. An education lasts a lifetime, where as basketball doesnt. My goal is to go to Stanford, MIT, Tufts, or Yale and become a Pediatric surgeon, or a Psychiatrist.

  19. 1) After watching the Inspired Bikes video, I learned that sometimes you have to push yourself in order to achieve your goals.

    2) These ideals apply to my life through swimming. When I want to accomplish something I set goals and push my physical limits to reach these goals.

    3) I am passionate about swimming and school. I love to swim and and train to become a much better athlete. Education matters to me and the rest of my family which is why I try hard in school every day.

  20. -From the videos we watched in class, I believe that we can take away an idea of perseverance. Its an aspect that teaches us willingness, determination, and in the end pleasure. Pleasure of knowing that we succeeding at something, and we didn't take the easy way out. We can also take away the fact of struggle. If it didn't make you struggle along the way was it really worth it?

    -These ideals definitely apply to my present life because over the past year I have been faced with so many different obstacles. Each time I come up to a different one, I always doubt myself and never think I'll get past it. Although, every time I seem to be able to push myself and overcome it. It gives me the pure feeling of satisfaction.

    -I am truly passionate about my own free-will. I love knowing that I live in a place with so many opportunities that are just a foot away. My free-will gives me the strength to push beyond the real world. It gives me experiences I couldn't get anywhere else. I am also truly passionate (as of two and a half months ago) my education. I know it sounds cliche but its true. I figure if I give up on my education, I give up on my future. I have so much in store in my future that I couldn't risk losing it.

  21. 1. This video teaches us how to stand up and do whatever we want to. We just have to keep trying and trying no matter how many times we fail. Danny inspired many people to go out and fulfill their dreams.
    2. These ideals are a part of every day life because we all have the potential just chilling inside of us but sometimes it needs to be tested and we need to overcome whatever is holding us back. In the future we will all fail many times but we will just have to pick up our broken bike, fix it, then start over again.
    3. In my life I am truly passionate about the sport of baseball. I live for baseball. This inspired bicycles video has inspired me to play harder and start saying to myself every time i step onto the field, "I don't think I can do this, I know I can."

  22. -The videos can teach us that the only thing stopping us from achieving what we want to do is ourselves. Even if we fail we always get right back up and keep trying tell we succeed at whatever we are doing.
    -This applies to my everyday life just by the fact that there are so many thing I want to do but I always tell myself I can't or I convince myself that whatever I'm trying to do will never happen or when I finally get the nerve to try I fail and then I completely give up.
    -In life the one thing I am truly passionate about is swimming. I have put absolutely everything I have into my races and practices. Its what makes me who I am, it defines me.

  23. 1) We can take away many things from a video like that. When you are trying to reach a certain goal and when you are passionate about something there is guaranteed to be a struggle. To reach your full potential, whether it be a sport, or school, or mastering a hobby, you are always going to have to struggle through it.

    2) Many of these ideals apply to my every day life. When you have a set goal, you have to work towards it. In school, my parents expect me to get good grades and manage my time right. In return, I have to have balance in my life. I have to make school a priority and I can’t spend too much time with friends or doing other things that I like to do.

    3) I am passionate about my friends and about my faith. I try to put God first in everything I do. I am also very motivated and passionate about people so I love being around my friends and people who make me happy.

  24. 1) I think that everyone has the potential to do whatever they want. While some people struggle, some exceed. A lot falls on the shoulders of the person trying to learn, but those who succeed easily should be willing to offer help to those who struggle. It takes a lot to do some things, but anything worth doing is something worth doing well. All it takes is the will power to just put your head down and do the work that it takes to get the job done.

    2) For me, my life is completely in my hands. I have the power to do what ever I want. However, unless I do what it takes (which can be a TON at times), those dreams will slip from my hands. I will do whatever it takes to get to my goals. Always shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you will land somewhere among the stars.

    3) I am passionite about a few things. Namely snowboarding, football, parkour, and my country. Being hurt for so long has put me in a really hard place. I have not been able to even run until recently. I am working hard to get back to my passions. While those things are extremely important to me and always are in the front of my head, I can put my passion into anything that I want to. I think that makes me get the most out of life because you only get out of life, what you put in.

  25. 1. This video can teach us that we need to stand up for what we want to do and not let anything stop us. Also to never give up and just keep trying no matter how hard it is, and also to do what makes you happy! Fulfill your dreams.

    2.This applies to my present day life because we have what it takes to do it and whatever holds us back from what we enjoy and makes us happy we need to overcome that and no matter how many times you fail just get back up and go for it once again until you can overcome it.

    3. In my life i am very passionate about the 3 sports i do. I live for Cross Country, Swimming, and Lacrosse. I put everything i have into these sports. After watching the Inspired Bicycles video it made me really think that i should never give up and even when i dont think i can do it and say i can't do it, i know i really can and i just need to never give it and just give it all i have and reach that finish line no matter how i do it.

  26. 1) When we learn lessons, most of the time we struggle along the way. These videos show that we can get passed that and there is alway potential to meet the expectations we set for our selfs.

    2) This can be applied to many things. Pretty much everything we do involves those ideas. If we set our mind on something whether its in school, or a sport or anything else, it always turns out way better when we get passed the struggling and believe in the potential.

    3)I'm passionate about track, and go far with it. I love helping people/kids, Being with friends and family and everything and everyone that makes me happy.

  27. Uno. In these videos I am reminded that through persistence and faith it is very possible to make it through any struggle of any kind. It also reminds me to be myself and to be creative because what, "average" biker would think of riding on a pole fence?

    Dos. Keep working hard and don't give up. Last year after a while I let my health and grades slip so I always got to be on top of them and keep going even when I feel like procrastinating. It is a must to take care of myself now so I don't have to be sick in the future.

    Tres. I love a variety of different things but mainly my passion is connecting with people. It doesn't matter time or place whether it is through school, home, sports, music, or anything else.

  28. 1.)This video proves that mental strength is the foundation of a person's physical abilities. People can be physically strong, however they might lack things such as confidence and determination, which prevents them from reaching their full potential.

    2.) In my life, I want to build a strong mind. I've seen the difference between how I perform with a solid mindset, and how i perform when i'm not motivated. I need to motivate myself, because only I can truly motivate myself.

    3.) I am passionate about words and music. I believe that the emotions presented through words are identical to the emotions expressed by sound. Sometimes it's great to be able to explain everything with words, yet sometimes the most genuine things are unwritten.

  29. 1.)This videao shows that you can things that may seem impossible can actually be done. I'm sure the guy in this video had to work very hard to perfect all of his tricks and through his practice he may have failed a few times before succeeding. I think if i has this work ethic i would succeed much more in the things i aspire to.

    2.) This applies to my lfe because I do not usually work as hard as I can and i tend to do not as well as I want. But if i worked hard to acheive the things I want to I am sure I will do better and be more successful throughout my life.

    3.)The one thing Iam most passionate about is soccer. Soccer is my church. On says when i am feeling down, I'll go and juggle or play a game with my friends.

  30. 1) I think that everyone has a different way of getting from point A to point B, but we are all expected to get there. The biker for example understood that he could be a great biker, but he had to find his own way of learning each trick.

    2) This applies to our present/ future day lives because we will have to find our own ways of working out our problems. It just may be easier for some.

    3) My passion is my friends. I absolutely love spending time with them, and helping them. They are the only thing that will get me through hard times, and make me laugh on days I don't even want to smile. I would do anything for them.

  31. -I think that this video shows you what you can accomplish with the practice that you put into it. This guy didn’t just jump on a bike and say okay, I want to go ride this thing up a tree and jump 25 feet off of a building. No. He put many, many hours into practicing that stuff which is the same for anything else. If you want to be good at something, you have to be willing to skin your knee once in a while.
    -This stuff applies to getting a job and making your way up the totem pole so you’re able to test everything you’ve learned and by making more and more bank each time. It also applies with school. You have to give everything your all to really get what is/was intended for the lesson.
    -Me personally I love to play golf even though I’m terrible at it. I love riding my dirt-bike, and am saving up to buy a regular street bike hopefully by this summer (Summer 2011). I’m also in to cars and I love taking things apart and seeing how I can make them better.