Monday, August 16, 2010

Your Learning

Please repsond to ALL of the following questions/statements-make sure to label your answers accordingly: (Please make sure to proofread and use complete sentences)
1) What is the value of learning?
2) What is your role as a learner?
3) What constitutes a "good" student? Hence, what do you expect of yourself and your classmates as students and learners?
4) What do you expect of a good, quality teacher? Thus, what do you expect of me?
5) List one expectation you have of this class (what will make this a great class?)
6) What does this class need to do/have in order for a productive, fun, learning environment to exist? What does that look like?

P.S.-Be specific. Please don't just say vague things like, "have fun"-what does that look like/feel like? Use active verbs.


  1. -Learning has a lot of values. Of course, there is the fact that without an education now a days, you can't go very far. Then there is the other side of education. Going to school helps you to find your passion in life. It helps you to learn to work with other people. School is the original public forum. School is one place where spreading your ideas is what actually is expected.
    -As a learner, my responsibility is to take charge of my own education. No one but I can make me learn.
    -A good student isn't just doing your homework and paying attention in class. A good student is somebody who contributes to the conversation in class and trys to help spread the learning to everyone else.
    -I would expect consitancy. When a teacher is all over the place always changing their mind, it makes it difficult to focus specifics, therefor not getting a total education.
    -I would find this class a lot more enjoyable if there was a lot of group work/activities.
    -I think that when everyone in class contibutes, it makes the class way easier and makes it so that everyone gets a full learning experiance.

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  3. 1) I think the value of learning is that we all need to know about the different subjects around us to keep the world going.

    2) My role as a learner is to listen to whoever is teaching me, and take in what they are saying.

    3) As students I believe that we are to be respectful, and understand that we are here at school for a reason, and we need to accept that no matter how pointless the work seems to be.

    4) I think a quality teacher should be understanding and nice. I like a teacher that is able to have fun and make us all laugh during class.

    5) From this class I expect to straighten my writing and reading skills, and have fun while doing it.

    6) I think this class would have to be fun and a challenge. Which means that we can have fun while learning the things we need to know to be successful.

  4. -There are many values to learning. In my mind the most important is the idea that through a solid education your future will be much more prestigous.
    -My role as a learner is to pay attention and to get the best grades I possibly can.
    -I expect my fellow class mates to try as hard as they can and take school seriously.
    - I expect my teacher to teach to each indivuals style of learning.
    - I expect this class to be a enjoyable class with a whole bunch of reading.
    - I think this class some how needs to have activities along with each story.

  5. The value of learning is how you can receive an educationto get into a good college. When you graduate from that college then you will be sitting well for a nice job.
    My role as a learner is to work hard to try and learn the information instead of not trying and just waiting for class to end. A good learner is engaged and focused ready for anything.
    A good student is someone who comes to class, pays attention, and does their work. I expect all of my classmates to be respectful of each other and to try their best.
    A good teacher helps their students and actually teaches them the info instead of giving you some crap and telling you to learn on your own. A good teacher teaches and not expect you to teach yourself.
    One expectation is to have days where we dont have to do a lot of work and as Nate stated earlier, group activities.
    In order for everyone to have fun, everyone have to be respectful and listen to each other.

  6. 1. It is hard to some up the value of learning when it is something that we do so often. We learn to do things that are fundamental to our everyday life, like reading and writing, and we also learn certain things for pleasure; such as guitar. The value of learning and being able to learn is super important.
    2. My role as a learner is to be somewhat engaged to what is going on, but to not hold my tounge when an idea is present. I contribute my thoughts while i am learning.
    3. A good student is merely one who completes all assignments, contributes to class when neccisary, and understands what is going on in the class at all times. Im not really one to talk to say what i expect from my peers because i have been the goof-off kid before, so i would have to practice what i preach when i say: somebody who does not disturb the class negetively.
    4. I expect a teacher who doesnt take everything too seriously, to the point where the class is a drag. In the words of Chris Pontius from the Jackass Gumball Race: "Stern...stern, but fair," is the kind of teacher i like.
    5. Everything that has been mentioned so far about the class and how it is designed is something to look forward to, because i like deep thinking and really asking the non-surface level questions.
    6. The class kind of has the sense where everyone can say anything (within reason) at any given (appropriate) time. Raising hand makes sense when you have something to say in the midst of somebody else speaking, but i feel that as 11th graders, we are at the point where we can speak freely at any time as long as it pertains to the subject.

  7. 1)The value of learning to me is that without all the knowledge we are gaining we can’t get jobs or in some cases become adults.

    2)My role as a learner is to receive knowledge and learn about the world around me.

    3) A good student works hard, does all their work, never gives up, and never says “I can’t” they also work as hard as they can to achieve success.

    4)) I expect a good quality teacher to love teaching. They need to be a part of the class not just a drone that gives you homework. Also, they need to make the class fun for the students, involving them and not just making us take notes or do worksheets.

    5)) I expect to learn a lot about American literature and in the process build on my love of reading.

    6)In order to be productive, our class needs to be focused and on the same page. We need to take the things we learn and really consider them not just take them in one ear and out the other

  8. 1. The value of learning is, in modern America, the ability to get a job that is capable of supporting a family. The U.S no longer has need for numerous factory workers. In a time when we compete against cheap, effective, and numerous laborers, counted in the billions, the U.S doesn't need strong back, but strong minds. Education is the only effective way to do this.
    2. My role as a good learner is to remember what was taught, how it is used, why it is significant, and why it is so. A learner who is a sponge of knowledge is much more valuable than one who draws similarities to a rock
    3. A good student is a good learner. They are also going to do their best, manage their time properly, and do all the work.
    4. A quality teacher is one who presents the knowledge and explains the why behind it. Any teacher who does this is a good teacher.
    5. I will actually learn something new. The past few years of English, 7-10 grade, seem to be the same old song and dance. I do not personally like English, but to learn something new would make it much easier to do.
    6. A productive class needs a good teacher and curious students. However, the line between curious and smart alecks must never be crossed.

  9. - Going to school and learning new things prepares you for your life ahead of today; to get you ready for the future. Learning is so crucial to everyone’s life. I like what Nate H. said, “Going to school helps you find your passion in life”. How else are you going to know what you like to do, if you don’t explore a little bit of everything out there?
    - My role as a learner is to take advantage of my learning, so I can figure out what I want to do later in life. My role as a learner is also to apply that knowledge that I acquire as best that I can also to get myself ahead for my near future.
    - I think that someone who puts effort into every paper they turn in, someone that comprehends and asks questions about things that he/she reads, and really just doing the best they can, to get something out of each class. I don’t necessarily constitute myself as a good learner because I only occasionally do those things, which probably should change.
    - I expect my teachers to bring energy to the classroom each day. My favorite teachers are the teachers that can make the class laugh, that are easily approachable, and are forgiving especially because I tend to mess up with my work more than once. Who doesn’t?
    - I think I might have answered this next question in the above statement that I made, but again, I like to get in a few laughs while staying on topic and getting work done.
    - Once again I like what Nate H. had to say minus the spelling error for this question, it especially makes my class period a lot easier when people speak up and express themselves, and it make it a lot more exciting, because I’m not one to just speak up at any given time.

  10. 1)The value of learning is to educate a person and prepare them for the many challenges they might face in the future. As high school students, we should value our learning so we can get into a good college. Getting into a good college will then help us get a good job.
    2)My role as a learner is not only to obtain the information that is given, but also to contribute my thoughts and ideas in the classroom. I do believe the most important role as a learner is to find what your passionate about and perfect it.
    3)A good student is co-operative, hard working, positive, attentive, and fun. A great student will respect the teacher and is always willing to help other students improve. A great student always has a positive attitude and will try to get the most out of each lesson. Top students will also brighten up the class and make others feel comfortable. Finally, top students will listen to what everyone has to say and will contribute as much as they can to the classroom.
    4)Many people say that a good teacher is one who assigns a lot of homework. However, that does not mean that person is a quality teacher. Quality teachers make the classroom an exciting and comfortable environment for all students. They get you thinking deeply and bring out the best in you.
    5)I expect this class to be fun but very educational. I love thinking deeply and really diving into the text. Applying things that have happened in my life to stories, or pieces of writing is something i expect to do. How can you truly relate and analyze something if you havent even tried to apply your own personal experiences?
    6)In order for this class to have a productive, fun, learning environment, everyone needs to contribute and participate. Hearing from the same people over and over again gets boring. But when everyone is participating then more thoughts and ideas are contributed which makes the conversations a lot more interesting. I also think that everyone shouldnt be afraid to say what theyre thinking. No one should hold back a thought or an idea because it may create a great conversation or it may help another student think of something.

  11. 1. Learning, over-all, has huge value. It's a part of growing up and going through life. Learning social skills is the fundamental for our relationships, learning through an education prepares us for our career, and learning on our own teaches us how we're going to live out our lifestyle. I agree with Nate when he says that "School is a place for spreading our ideas". It's a place to try things out and see what mistakes you make along the way. And to learn from those mistakes.
    2. As a learner, my role is to get all that i can from a class. To take my time and balance out my different skills in a way that fits my learning style.
    3. A good student is someone that has a posistive additude. They can recognize and ask for help when they need it.
    4. I expect a good teacher to be understanding and patient with each student and to notice that not all of us take things the same way.
    5. I expect this class to make me think. I don't like classes where all I'm thinking about the whole time is how I'm gonna pass.
    6.We need to have a variety of opinions and be willing to be honest.

  12. 1. You do not only learn from a teacher in a class room but alsos from the people around you and life experiences. It is a very important thing so that we can move forward in our life and not make the same mistake twice. If we could not learn then there would be no progresion in the world. Having people be more knowledgable in certain areas than other people are shows character and individuality.
    2. Our role as a learner is to absorb as much information as we can. We have to listen and experience things to learn. We have to understand that you can learn from good and bad experiences and we have to take those to consideration when we are making choices that could impact our future. You are always learning and if we close our mind to think that school is the only place to learn then we will not be open to further knlowedge.
    3. A good learner is someone that can focus but can also have some fun. Like i said, learning comes out of experiences and trying out knew things and meeting knew people is a way to learn. A good learner needs to not just learn but to thinik about what they are learning and how that is valuable in their life.
    4. I expect a good teacher to teach every student, that means to have different styles of teaching. Not everyone learns best from just listening to a lecture and not everyone learns best from hands on things. A good teacher needs to find a balance between different approaches to learning and also needs to inspire. If students are inspired by their teacher then they are more willing to learn and are more open to ideas.
    5. I expect to not dread going to class everyday. I expect to be excited and energetic about class and what we are learning. I hope that it will be a class that i will be inspired in and i will take a lot of knowledge out of it.
    6. The class needs to be open and understanding of other peoples ideas and beliefs. We can not judge people and bring people down becasue of something they say or write. We need to stay on task and focus but at the same time we need to relax and talk to eachother. Group discussions will engage everyone and will make us more open to share infront of different people.

  13. 1) The value of learning is to educate everyone around us, whether it be in the classroom or to even learning life skills as each day goes by. Without the value of learning each and every one of us would not be where we are today, we would be living a life of questioning.
    2) My role as a learner is to remember and take what I have learned into my daily routine of life. To be able to use my answers to help and educate others. It is also my role as a learner to take bad situations in my life and use what I have then learned to help make those situations better.
    3) A good student must first be respectful to the teacher but also to their classmates.
    We are all here for the same reason so by being respectful it will make the school environment easier to learn in. Good students also need to be able to participate in class and not be afraid to speak your mind. Without the confidence of speaking what you believe, the people around you might not ever be able to learn something new.
    4) I believe that a good quality teacher is one with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Also by being very likeable and easy to talk to.
    5) In this class I expect myself to be able to think on a deeper note that teachers usually don’t push us to go to.
    6) This class needs to be energetic. It also needs to be able to have every single student in the room participating and opening up about their view of certain topics. In doing so this class will be set to go and a great learning environment.

  14. 1.) The value of learning is to find what makes you see the world around you in a new light. The value of learning is for students to feed off of each other and the teacher to find something maybe in common, or that everyone can relate to. It is also important because things will stick with you, and maybe you can use those certain things later in life to help you with an important life skill.

    2.) My role as a learner is to pay attention in classes, and ask questions when something is not understood. My role as a learner is to keep up with everything that is happening so I don't fall behind. Also, I have a responsibility to always try to learn the smallest thing from something that I already know, or that may sound stupid.

    3.) I think a good student is someone who is aware of what is happening in the classroom, and doesn't distract others. A good student keeps up with the class, and involves themselves in class discussions.

    4.) I think that a good teacher really connects with the class. I think that it is very important for the teacher- nontheless the students- to know everyone's name in the class. It is very important that the classroom is a comfortable and secure environment. It is also good when a teacher starts conversations, and asks questions that really make everyone think.

    5.) I expect to learn alot about writing, and become a stronger student, and a stronger person. I expect to grow alot, and be inspired.

    6.) Like I said before I think that for a successful fun, enjoyable class it is important to know names, and make the class personal for everyone. Because if it is just general, and vague, no one ever comes out of their shell; possibilities of good solid relationships wouldnt be there if we arent comfortable as a class.


  15. To me the value of learning is that without going to school and succeeding, you are going absolutely no where in life. You need to learn and go to school to get a decent job and do what you’re passionate about life.
    -As a learner my role is to choose how much I want to get out of this class. I can either enjoy my time here or get absolutely everything out of it that I can or complain constantly and make the next year miserable.
    -To me you cannot have a set definition of a "good student" because everyone’s is different. But as students in a classroom with other people we can have respect for each other and each other’s thoughts and ideas.
    - As a teacher I expect you to help us and be as accessible as possible when we need help and help us get everything that we can out of this class.
    -The expectations of this class for me is to not just be another English class on my transcripts, but to understand myself better.
    -I think this classroom needs to mainly have an atmosphere of respect for everyone and everything.

  16. -The value of the ability to understand why and how the world works. This value is brought to us as children and we grow up with it. It teaches us the difference between what is real and what is not. The value of this learning is a privilege. Some people disregard this value and treat as a right. In fact it may seem like a right but in reality it truly IS a privilege.
    -My role as a learner is to embrace the borne opportunity of learning. My role as a learner is to LEARN, not to act as if it isn't important. My role as a learner is to disregard the unnecessary aspects of societal disruption when it comes to education.
    -My ability to succeed is what constitutes a "good student." I know I am able to be 4.0 student, but my only obstacle is myself. If the fear of not-knowing didn't exist, anything could be possible. This fear is what drives the obstacles. What I expect from myself and my classmates is definitely different than what actually exists. I expect us to be able to express our imperfect opinions without the fear of being judged. I expect us to work to our utmost potential. I know it can be done, this is why i have such high expectations. I have faith in us.
    -A good quality teacher, in my description, is a teacher who knows her students; who breaks down the "student-teacher" barrier. We all know this barrier exists; but the question is, Why does it have to exist? To keep the respect needed for each party? Or because somewhere down the line an adult thought adolescents weren't their equal? I have an expectation in You as my teacher. I expect to be able to learn in a safe environment where I can feel free to express what-ever my opinion and not have the feeling as if I were being judged.
    -One expectation I have of this class is for me and all of the other students to be able to find themselves inside themselves.
    -This class needs to have respect present in order to make it a good, fun learning environment.

  17. 1. There are many incredible values that come from learning. Learning helps shape who we are as people and it helps us make many difficult decisions throughout life. As we learn more and more about our world and the way we live it directs each of our pathways and directs our own unique outcomes.

    2. My role as a learner is to be open to hearing new things even if I am uninterested. My role is to be ready to absorb what I am to be taught and ask questions and think deeply about things I don't yet understand.

    3. A good student must have a willingness to learn new things and try things they haven't yet experienced. A quality which is crucial for those who wish to be a good student is respect for your classmates and teacher.

    4. I like when teachers are understanding and have a good sense of humour. Sometimes it is nice when a teacher doesn't take life or herself/himself too seriously. I also enjoy when teachers not only know you academically, but also on a more personal level.

    5. I expect this class to help me find myself as a person, and teach me things about myself and others that I wouldn't have known otherwise.

    6. In order for this class to be fun but also productive, there needs to be structure. On certain days it's time to be serious and on others it is time to enjoy and have fun with American Literature.

  18. 1- The value of learning in my opinion is taking what you learn in the classroom and using it in your everyday life. In order to be successful you cannot goof around during class or ignore the lesson being taught. You can learn about new things and apply it to the new experiences you take on.
    2- My role as a learner is pretty simple. I feel if I listen in class and surround myself with mature people who don't mess around, I will be more successful in the classroom and not feel the need to talk as much or get so distracted.
    3- I expect my classmates to respect others opinions and take in every bit of information learned with an open mind. I don't expect this class to be perfect but I feel like we should at least be respectful and have heart. I believe nobody should laugh at another's answer or feel the need to judge somebody based on what they believe.
    4- Mrs. Comp, you have always been one of my favorite teachers. You have spirit and energy and you absolutly love teaching. My favorite part of you as a teacher is how you can relate all of the criteria for our class, to real life and show the real value in it. Already knowing you, I don't feel that you need to change anything about your styles.
    5- One expectation I have of this class is respect eachother.
    6- The fun environment I really enjoy have most the same aspects that I listed in answer number 3. Everybody needs to participate and make this year a fun one. My favorite classes are the ones when everybody gets involved and nobody is afraid to speak up and say what they feel. This kind of class would be ideal to me this year.

  19. 1. The value of learning is important. However, the value of actively learning, understanding and digesting what has been taught is tremendous. Facts and information are hurled at us everyday but only the people who pay attention, ask questions, and absorb the new information gain knowledge, and knowledge runs the world.

    2. My role as a learner is to obtain information and use the knowledge to advance my future. I also need to ask questions and focus during class.

    3. A good student is someone who is globally aware and can bring that information into the classroom. Also, a good student should ask questions, contribute to class, and complete all assignments.

    4. A good, quality teacher is someone who has a positive attitude and never gives up on a student. Of course they will have their good and bad days, but generally, they need to make every student feel comfortable and wanted in the classroom.

    5. I expect to be challenged in this class.

    6. In order to have a fun and productive learning environment, everyone in this class should participate in the discussions and respect each other.

  20. 1. The value of learning is so you can have a successful future and understand why things are the way they are.
    2. My role as a learner is to be responsible for my work and do the best I can.
    3. A good student listens without interrupting and never puts down someone else when they share there thoughts and ideas.
    4. I expect the teacher to let us have our own opinion and make things interesting, not just the same stuff everyday.
    5. One expectation i have of this class is for everyone to be respectful of each other and only constructive criticism.
    6. It would be great to have a lot of group work and socratic seminars. Just like things that are not boring, so discussions.

  21. 1. The value of learning... does not exist. No living soul can give it a price, and no man can hope to ever do so. Perhaps that itself is the answer. I believe that we learn to fill that inner desire to be more than we are. To prove that we have become something important.
    2. As a student, my role is to hold myself to the standers laid down by my parents, my teachers, and most importantly by myself.
    3. A good student is just that, a student. They know the time to talk, and to remain silent. When to lead others, and when to be lead. The difference between a complaint and criticism.
    4. It is thought that the perfect way to teach is without an opinion, that a teacher has to much influence over the students to share their opinion. How can you expect someone to be a good teacher, if they are no longer human? Humanity is what makes a person. The opinions of the teacher should be shared, given as glimpses into the real world. A good teacher will be human, be a mentor, and a friend.
    5. I expect a challenge. I enjoy writing and I cannot hope to grow if I am stuck in another run of the muck English class.
    6. My view of a great class is a combination of fun and seriousness. A class should not be dull nor permanently distracted.

  22. 1. Learning is very important, not only does learning provide you with countless opportunities, learning new things creates a challenge for our brains. Without the ability to learn, our race would have never have come to be what it is today, we would have none of our inventions, art, music... Learning is essential in becoming who you are as a person .
    2. As a learner, it is my job to keep an open mind. I need to allow myself to accept new concepts and ideas. I also must find a reason to learn, other wise I will not have any motivation.
    3. Good students need to do more then listen to lectures, and take notes. It is important to have a voice in the class room, participate in activities and seek help from other class mates or the teacher. Also if you have a good understanding of the material, feel free to help out people who may be having a hard time.
    4. I expect a teacher to be willing to help the students they are teaching, and be interested in the success of their students. Also, class is much more interesting and an all over better experience, when the teacher sounds like they care about/like what they are teaching.
    5. I would really like it if class time was used for quality discussions, and fun activities, rather then just a lecture.
    6. In classes that are fun, people are engaged and not only adding to the conversation, but they are joking, and saying things that will make everyone laugh. The teacher is not grumpy and yelling at students for their comments, (unless they are truly uncalled for, not something that the teacher just doesn't want to hear.) As long as people are able to get right back on tract after a comment is made, then it is a good combination of fun, and seriousness.

  23. 1) The value of learning is so important. Learning helps us grow and mature as people. It challenges us to think and make wise decisions. Learning presents us with new information and ideas that we can apply to to our daily lives.

    2) My role as a learner is to obtain as much information as I can, while being able to apply it to my daily life. Also, my role as a learner is to be open to new ideas and concepts that can be beneficial to me in the future.

    3) I think that a good student first and foremost always give their best effort. I always challenge myself and give my very best into everything I do. Also, I think a good student shows and demonstrates respect. Not only do they respect their classmates, but also the teacher. They are open to others' opinions and ideas and don't have the "I'm always right" mentality.

    4) I expect all teachers to be willing to help. I personally think that they should take time out of what they're doing to help someone who is struggling. Also, I think teachers should connect with their students on a more personal level. I hope that my teachers know me as, Rachel, not the blonde girl in the third row. I expect teachers to treat me with respect just as I do with them. I enjoy when they make learning fun and are passionate about what they do.

    5) An expectation I have for this class is that it is a safe environment to share and discuss things. I don't want to feel afraid to give my opinion about something because someone wasn't respectful.

    6) I think this class needs to have a well-balanced structure of fun and learning. I think that every day there should be something that gets me excited about what we are doing. Also, I hope this class has a purpose that challenges me to think outside the surface and brings something that I can apply to my own life.

  24. 1. There are many values to learning. We learn everyday, and its extremely important to everyone. It allows us to flourish in knowledge and different types of information and apply that to our lives.

    2. As a learner, it is my job to take what I learn and make use of it.

    3. To define what I think of as a "good" student would be one who strives to be one. They learn as much as they can, and they always are prepared to further their knowledge and take the importance of learning and apply it to their lives.

    4. As a good/quality teacher, I would expect them to keep me motivated and interested in what we are learning.

    5. Obviously I expect to learn something from this class, but to learn something useful that can help me in the future.

    6. In order for this class to have a productive, fun learning environment it would need to be engaging, and keep the kids interested and motivated. We would need to be comfortable, and not stressed out.

  25. 1. The Value of learning is important. It helps you make decisons. Also iy gives you new information, that you haven't already learned. With the new things you learned you can use it in the future.

    2. My role as a learner is to use the information I learn in the future and use new ideas that I could aslo use in my future. Also to keep everything I learn and share with others.

    3.I think a good student will also give it 100% and never give up when they really want too. They should push through it the best they can. A good student should be polite and respectful and be open to new ideas and always try they're hardest.

    4. I expect that the should always be open to helping students who struggle or don't get it. I also think they should try to connect to the students as much as they can. I think they should know who for who you are and not just that person. I want teachers to respect me also when i respect them also. I also think they should make it so that learning is fun and helpful.

    5. An expectation i have for this class is that everyone should particpate and everyone shouldn't be scared to share their opinion. I also think everyone should be respectful when someone is talking and not interrupt them. Also I think everyone should not judge anyone.

    6. I think this class should be a fun, safe learning. I would like this class to be excited to learn and have good behavior and attitudes. Nobody should have a negitive attitude. I would also like this class to have a purpose and make it so i can take something away from this class. I want to remeber this class.

  26. 1) The value of learning is to grow not only as students and gaining knowledge but growing as people and becoming mature as we become familiar with the world and our environment. Learning takes us as humans to places we couldn’t go to before. We want to understand things and we are naturally curious about what surrounds us. Learning provides us with ways to fill the curiosity. The value of learning is to not repeat mistakes and to be able to help others.

    2)My role as a learner is to be curious and to be passionate. True learners ask questions and long to dig deeper. Learners are not satisfied until they’ve done everything to try to understand something. Human kind is constantly trying to expand their knowledge and striving for higher learning to improve the quality of life.

    3) I believe a good student believes in him or herself. If you cant inspire yourself then nobody can. I think if we inspire ourselves, naturally, we will be able to inspire those around us. When I believe in myself and want to see myself succeed, I want to see everyone around me succeed and am willing to help people around me succeed. If we encourage others, strive to do our best and make each other comfortable then we will have a great year and make the most out of it.

    4) I believe a quality teacher believes in their students. A good teacher wants to personally know their students and wants nothing but to see them succeed. I believe a good teacher wants to help students when they are struggling and wants to pour their knowledge out onto the people that they are teaching. Eventually, making them a better, more successful student then they were before

    5) I think this class will be great if every student is participating. Participation leads to cooperation and success. This class will be great if everyone takes personal responsibility for himself or herself and peruse their personal goals.

    6) This class needs to have students that can take responsibility for themselves and their learning goals. The class also needs a passionate teacher who is willing to struggle with their students to get to the point they need to be.

  27. 1. The value of learning is how valuable you make it. Sure everyone knows learning is super important but it is how you apply that knowledge that counts.

    2. My role as a learner is not only to learn (obviously) and be responsible; but also to be open with the material and make my own decision. So often people say they can't do it, won't do it, hate it, or whatever.

    3. A good student should be able to trust themselves, respect others, and get their homework done by a decent hour!

    4. I expect a dedicated teacher. That means a teacher who cares about the class, connects with students, and keeps everyone updated/clarified.

    5. The thing that will make this a great class is if people are not afraid to speak up and say what is on their mind. So often great ideas get passed up because people are worried of judgment. Speak up, who cares if people agree or not, be you.

    6. Mainly be open and treat others the way you want to be treated.

  28. 1. The value of learning has many different views. Overall though, I think that learning has as much value as eating or breathing. We LEARNED how to take our first steps and today we are LEARNING how to become ourselves.

    2. My role as a learner is to be open-minded even if I don't enjoy what we are talking or learning about. I have to be able to express my opinion, but also learn from others.

    3. I think that a good student is someone who is able to express their opinion and have people be able to give them critism without taking offense. I think it is also a person that can help others when needed, but also can ask for help.

    4.For me, a good quality teacher is someone who is on the same level as their students. They are able to be their friend and talk to them about whatever comes up. Many teachers say that they can do this, but it takes a great teacher to actually accompish the task. A good quality teacher has to be someone that the students aren't afraid to go talk to.

    5. I think that this will be a great class if everyone contributes their thoughts, even if they seem ridiculous.

    6. This class needs to become a lot more familiar with each other to become a stronger class. We have to get to know each other and find out who is the class clown, who is shy, who asks questions etc. Overall, we have to become friends and be able to laugh not only at each other, but also ourselves.

  29. 1.The value of learning is to get you ready for what is yet to come. When you are younger you learn how to talk and that gets you ready for communicating what you want, how you feel, what’s going on in your life, etc. Learning how to talk leads on to school and in school you learn how to read and when you read you learn about numbers and dead people and how to write important papers and about art and exercise, and so much more. School then leads on to living on your own, away from your parents and how to get a job and start a family. At work you learn how to do your job and then you continue with your job. Learning happens in our every day life.

    2.As a learner I need to accept what I need to do in order to succeed. Succession may be getting a good grade in class or getting a spot on the team or to get a paycheck by the end of the week. If I don’t do what is asked of me then I will most likely fail.

    3.A good student is someone who pays attention when the teacher is talking or when others are talking. A good student is someone who does what is asked of them. they use their strengths to do well. A good student respects the teacher and other students.

    4.A good teacher is willing to take the time to learn about their class and not just expect the same class as last year or last hour. Each class is different and has different needs. The teacher needs to understand that we don’t just have one class. A good teacher is fun and energetic and kind and helpful.

    5.What would make this class great is that we don’t just sit in our chairs and write but we interact with each other and we do activities to learn what is needed to be learned and being outside would be nice too.

    6.This class needs respect to have a good environment and to be fun. When the teacher is telling the students how to do something everyone needs to pay attention so that it doesn’t have to be repeated. And the students need respect too. Respect of how hard high school is, especially junior year and that they have social activities and a family. Students need to respect each other by listening to each others thoughts and accepting that not everyone is the same and accepting each others views.

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  31. 1)For one, it gives us knowledge in order to have a successful, higher-level career. Also, one with a bigger vocabulary will also be able to have deeper thoughts, because words are the very foundation of thoughts. Therefore, learning new vocabulary completely altars our thoughts and perceptions.

    2)My role as a learner is obviously to learn the information, or at least try my best to learn. Also, it is to not hinder the ability of my peers to learn. I, as a learner, must treat my teachers and peers respectfully so as to gain their respect as well, because in a disrespectful learning environment, it is very difficult to put ideas out there.

    3) What constitutes a "good" student? Hence, what do you expect of yourself and your classmates as students and learners?
    A good student is one who tries to learn, and respects his/her teacher and peers. I expect my classmates to treat me and my ideas with respect, because if I can't put ideas out there, I'm not going to learn nearly as much as I could. I also expect my peers to not talk when the teacher is talking because it is hard to hear the teacher, and thus learn.

    4)I expect my teacher to respect my ideas but correct my wrong ones. I don't want to keep thinking something that isn't true. I also expect the teacher to respect me as a person, and to not hold grudges and make my learning experience harder if I slip up every once in a while. The teacher should create a positive, fun learning environment. The teacher should not just ramble off boring information, because no one would take anything away from it.

    5)I expect to have deep conversations without immature or disrespectful comments from my peers. It's one thing to joke but another to keep going and break away from the topic. I want to walk away from this class with a deeper understanding of something that will help me in life, not just through my education.

    6)It needs to have topics that are interesting. Of course that varies from student to student, but it is fairly obvious to tell when we are interested and when we're not. Also, hands-on activities are always a good way of keeping students interested. Just handing out work sheets isn't enough. Also, debates are always fun and are great for getting people to input their ideas.

  32. 1) Learning is definately a valuble part of life. Sometimes learning can be so stressful, and other times it's a breeze. Regardless of how you learn, the importance of knowlege is always first.

    2) My role as a learner, is to stay on task and keep motivated about learning. My role is to make mistakes...AND LEARN FROM THEM, so that i never make the same mistakes again.

    3)A "good" student stays active in their learning, and makes an effort to actually interact with the material. A good student plays the game of school, but does a lot of learning along the way.

    4) I expect a fun and intellegent teacher. A good teacher must connect with their students on an intellectual level. Teachers dont teach me...I teach myself... so an intellegent, energetic teacher, makes for easy learning.

    5) I always expect people to be genuine in the classroom. People should forget about their social issues, and give their true opinion. Give genuine responses to thought out questions.

    6) This class needs an energetic vibe for the end of the day. Activities are always good, and interactive ways of learning help out as well.